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A Chit Chat | Stunning Fruity Photography

Hallo! Hallo! ( I seem to be very excited nowadays) Well, I actually wanted to type up this post to show you all what my sister and I discovered today when helping to prepare Lunch.  Since I had to help make the Papaya smoothie ( yas! Smoothie!😀) I was cleaning the Papaya to make it… Continue reading A Chit Chat | Stunning Fruity Photography

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Tantalising Tuesday #1| Clicking To Capture Part One

Hello Hello Hello! Yes, I know I'm quite excited to be back! I'm so excited right now because this is the first post on Tantalising Tuesday!  Well, I had the perfect timing for this blog series because we are just back from vacation upland and my! The nature photographs we were able to take was… Continue reading Tantalising Tuesday #1| Clicking To Capture Part One

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Dreams On Fire!

*busy talking to kokeshi* *My sister stares while cringing at my childishness* *I roll my eyes, sigh and decide to express my feelings and to continue talking through a new blog post* *my sister smiles gratefully* _________________________________________________________________________________________ Hola Fellow Readers! Welcome back to my amazing blog! Well, i think you already have a vague idea… Continue reading Dreams On Fire!

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Confessions Of A Passionate Reader

<Random Ramblings>   Hello To All Those Wonderful People Out There! Be prepared with a cup of steaming coffee by your side to listen to me ramble! Today, I thought of commencing my blog with a unique post on NOVELS!YES! WHAT MOST OF US ADORE! NOVELS! <YAY!> *throws confetti into the air* <YAY!> When Often… Continue reading Confessions Of A Passionate Reader