Behind The Blog


*others calling out my name*

*I am completely oblivious to my surroundings as i’m absorbed in a wonderful novel*

*book is snatched away*

*I am whining and eventually sobs in to the pillow <My Best Friend>*

Hello To all those wonderful and incredible people out there!

Ever wondered the blogger is behind all the posts? Well, i am going to introduce myself to you! 🙂

*Gives a self-introductory cough*

I am Dhiyanah Liyaudeen who is a young teen who hopes to inspire the minds of many. I am also a young  aspiring poet.(Nah. Don’t worry i am not a mundane poet who focuses on romance, I’m a nature poet and i love to write on anything that is often overlooked by others!) I currently have 25 poems of my own and my debut book of poetry is on the process of getting published.  Hopefully by the end of January my debut book will be out on stores😊

I’m also a voracious reader, ( i think you quite got the idea from the situation described above ;P ) and a big dreamer. I also enjoy doodling and it comes into my long list of hobbies.

I’m a big fan of travelling and i am always ready to pack my neon blue suitcase and board the vehicle! ;P

When asked of my ambition, i often correct the questioner and tell them i have many ambitions and not one.

I hope to become a journalist as that includes writing and over here, in my country, journalists get free food from restaurants when they write about that particular restaurant! So why not have a job which includes two of my favorite things? Writing and free food!

I also hope to become a pilot and own my very own airlines one day!  I think you  already know why one of my ambitions include becoming a pilot, well, it includes travelling to various places! ( When i’m a 70 year old toothless granny i really hope i will be described as a cosmopolitan sort of person)

So, I blog as a part time hobby because I love to  chit chat with diverse people and share my story with them! I also began blogging to talk about my book but this blog is not all about my book, it also greatly includes DIY projects, Me randomly rambling, Fruit Slushie Recipes, A bit of my photography and many more exciting things!

Thank you for stopping by my little nook on the internet and hope you enjoy mooching around Vibrant Confetti 🌟